To measure the impact of the sponsorship investment in the “Cully Classique” platform to the target public of Piguet Galland compared to the company goals. To track the return on investment at both the financial and image level in order to develop new impacting activation concepts.


After defining the SMART sponsorship objectives of Piguet Galland regarding the “Cully Classique”, we proceeded to the collection of data from the platform through various channels: quantitative survey, qualitative interviews, documentary researches and collection of informations from the company and the platform.

Then we correlated this information with the contract binding the two parties to see if it was used optimally. We entered all the data collected in our analysis matrix tool to analyze the return on investment of the sponsorship activations. It allowed us to highlight the performance of the platform on 5 axes.

Based on these results we have, for each axis, developed new actions and activations in order to optimize customer acquisition / retention performance as well as the reputation of the brand.


The study made possible to highlight the improvement areas of the partnership and helps the company to set up new actions within the framework of the festival allowing a notable improvement of the performance.


Evaluation Areas


Activations Concepts


Performance Improvement